Copán Ruinas

Mayatan Bilingual School is located in the western highlands town of Copán Ruinas, 12 km (7.5 miles) from the border with Guatemala.


The fortunes of Mayatan are intimately connected with those of this town of under 10,000, whose cobblestone streets teem with horses, chickens, fruit vendors, and tourists.

Copán Ruinas, in the Department of Copán, is the site of major Classical Mayan ruins that draw visitors from around the world. The ruins, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are renowned for their sculpture, carved stelae, and complete Mayan ball court. The town of Copán boasts an archaeological museum as well as numerous restaurants, hotels, and other services for travelers. In addition to being a center of tourism, Copán Ruinas' central plaza, market, churches, and stores make the town a center for nearby farming villages and smaller towns.

The nearest airport to Copán Ruinas is in the city of San Pedro Sula, some 3 hours from Copán, near the Caribbean Sea. Copán Ruinas is about an hour and a half from Santa Rosa de Copán, the capital of the department of Copán.

Every October, Copán Ruinas hosts the annual Conference on Honduras, a symposium for NGOs operating around the country.


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