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Safety Protocoles

In 2019 the world was shocked by the news of a global pandemic. In 2021 the Honduran government started a pilot program for private schools to go back to in-person classes following a hybrid model.   

We knew the importance of having students back on campus, so during the summer of 2021, we started the application process for the pilot program. Following the mandatory requirements set by the Honduran Government, with the help of the health care entity appointed by the government UNIMED, the Mayatan Foundation, and PTA, students were back on campus on October 18, 2021.

Read more about our safety protocols and all the equipment needed for hybrid classes.

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Audio Visual Equipment 

The hybrid model set by the Honduran Government only allows 10 - 12 students per classroom. 

The Mayatan Foundation, with the help of PTA, invested in TVs, cameras, extension cords, HDMI cables, and headsets for our 24 classrooms to offer quality education to students on campus and at home. 

From Infirmary to School Clinic

One of the top mandatory requirements by the Honduran Government was to have a school clinic with a doctor from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. The school's infirmary was remodeled into a clinic as requested by UNIMED.

Also, the school was asked to add extra washing stations throughout the school's campus.

Social Distancing 

Individual tables were outlined with blue tape on the floor showing the students their safe zone.


The red taped area shows the teacher's zone.  


Group tables were divided with blue tape so students would have a proper distance.


This process was made with the help of the doctor designated by UNIMED.

Signaling and Extras 

Proper signaling was set around the entire campus, following the government's requirements.


Each of the 24 classrooms should have at all times a thermometer, a bottle with alcohol, a box with face masks, and wipes. In addition, as students enter the school's campus, a designated staff member takes the student's temperature and gives them alcohol for the hands. Also, one more gate was enabled, having a total of 3 entrances, so students from different grades would have different entrances. 


All of these, as requested by the government.


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