Children's Day 2017 @ Mayatan!

On November 26th, 1924, the World Child Welfare Charter became the first human rights document to be approved by an inter-governmental institution. The document was first published by the International Save the Children Union, and states that:

  1. Children must be given the means required for their normal development, both materially and spiritually.

  2. Hungry children must be fed, sick children must be nursed, struggling children must be helped, delinquent children must be reclaimed, and orphaned children must be sheltered and succored.

  3. Children must be the first to receive relief in times of distress.

  4. Children must be protected against every form of exploitation.

  5. Children must be brought up in the consciousness that their talents must be devoted to the service of their fellow men.

With the charter acting as an influence, UNICEF declared Children’s day a universal holiday which globally celebrates children for who they are. This is a day to bring awareness around the globe of issues facing children, to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children and to initiate action to benefit and promote the welfare of the world’s children.(1)

At Mayatan, we pride ourselves in instilling these same values into our mission & vision statements and the everyday lives of our students. Although we are a small organization in Honduras, we know that an educational opportunity provided through our foundation’s extensive scholarship program has the ability to provide a path out of poverty for Copan’s most disenfranchised youth. We are very grateful to all of our supporters who help to enrich and improve the lives of deserving young people in Copan!

Children’s day at Mayatan is all about FUN! It’s a day for our students and teachers alike to forget about classes, homework and exams. Our campus becomes a giant playground where everyone is encouraged to PLAY! Bouncy pits & trampolines, clowns & balloon animals, and colorful piñatas are just a few of the activities enjoyed by our students and teachers. There’s also face painting, pizza, cotton-candy, beauty pageants and soccer rivalries. Every year this special day serves as a reminder of the joys of childhood and how lucky we are at Mayatan to have such wonderful students!

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about”

-- Angela Schwindt

(1) Source - Wikipedia

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