Library Day 2017

The John Weber Library at Mayatan was named to honor long-time Mayatan teacher & administrator Mr. John Weber. Mr. John has been an important part of the Mayatan family for over 10 years. During his time with the school, Mr. John has helped us to create our high school program, establish tech, computer and wi-fi infrastructure throughout campus and promote a healthy culture of reading through the expansion of our library and its services.

Our library began as a very modest collection of books many years ago. It was during this time when our first 'International' Director Mr. Frank Hopkins saw the potential for an improved facility and acted to improve our library services. He began by soliciting book donations by fellow Bostonians, renting a U-Haul, and personally driving the books 3,500 miles to Copan!

We have continued to make great strides through our library program with the continued support of Mr. John and generous sponsores who have donated books, kindles, and other resources. Accessing books has become much easier for our secondary and high school students after receiving 40 kindle e-readers from another generous long-time sponsor Ms. Irene Fast. One of our favorite programs at the primary level is our 'traveling suitcase.' This is a small, portable box that is filled with reading materials in Spanish and English which our students are able to take home once a month to share with their families. This encourages reading at home and provides good base material that engages our families to sit, read, and learn together. All of this has created a culture of reading at our school and young minds enthusiastic to learn more!

We have done our best to extend this culture into the community through our literacy program taught every year by our 12th grade students. This program invites local community members to the Mayatan campus every Saturday to partake in primary school level classes taught in small groups by our Senior students. This is a much needed service that offers many benefits to community members while also providing an excellent professional learning opportunity to our students!

Our library day this year was an exciting event which provided an opportunity for our founder Nora Arita de Welchez to personally thank Mr. John for all that he has done for our school and library program. A selected group of secondary and high school students shared moving speeches with our student body, concerning issues including: The Existential Dilemma, National Patriotism, The Impact & Dangers of Social Networks, The Importance of Adolescence, Drug Addiction, Eating Disorders, Special Education, & Pursuing our Dreams. During special intermissions our audience was greeted with songs shared by students Lea, Dayana and by Professor Hernan accompanied by a chorus of 9th grade students. Lastly, we awarded students from each grade with medals for their performances in the English and Spanish spelling bees! Many thanks to all of our participants!

A special congratulations to 11th grade student Lindsay for her 1st place speech, our purpose!

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