How much does it cost to sponsor a student?

Annual sponsorship levels range from $500 to $2000+, depending on the student's grade and level of need. You can view a full table of sponsorship levels here.


Do I have to send donations according to a certain schedule?

No. While most sponsors choose to donate on an annual, quarterly, or monthly basis, we do not have a schedule requirement. Our only request is that all donations due for a certain school year be made by April of that school year (eg sponsorship donations for the 2017-18 school year must be made by April 2018).


How do I make my donations to Mayatan?

Sponsors can send donations via mailed check, online credit card payment, or wire transfer. Please visit our Donate page for detailed information on each method.


Are my donations tax-deductible?

Donations made via the U.S. 501(c)3 organization Hope For Tomorrow, Inc. are tax-deductible in the United States. We do not have relationships with non-profit organizations in other countries. Occasionally, donors from other countries are able to petition a local non-profit in their country to receive and forward their donation to Mayatan, and thus obtain tax-deductible status for their contribution.


What is Hope For Tomorrow and what is their relationship with Mayatan?

Hope For Tomorrow is a 501(c)3 organization located in North Carolina. The organization was founded by a former Mayatan School Director as a means of supporting English-language education in Central America. Hope For Tomorrow receives donations from U.S. donors, and passes them along to bilingual schools in Central America in the form of grants. Hope For Tomorrow has an all-volunteer staff and does not deduct any administrative fees from your donation. Your donation to Hope For Tomorrow will be passed along 100% to Mayatan's scholarship program. The benefits of donating via Hope For Tomorrow are that your donation will be tax-deductible, and you can mail your check to a U.S. as opposed to foreign address.


Do I have to donate for a certain number of years?

No, Mayatan does not require that sponsors sign on to a certain number of years of sponsorship. However, it is beneficial for us to have an idea of how long each sponsor plans to contribute, so that we can manage our scholarship program accordingly. We ask that you think carefully about how long you intend to donate for, and give us your best estimate when deciding to sponsor a Mayatan student

How are my contributions used?

100% of your donation will be be used to pay for tuition and other academic expenses for Mayatan scholarship students. The funds for tuition are used to cover the school's operating expenses, and any funds for other academic expenses are used to pay for those expenses (transportation to school, books, uniforms, etc.).


Will I receive a donation receipt?

If you contribute via Hope For Tomorrow, they will send you a receipt upon receiving your donation. Receipts for donations made directly to Mayatan will be furnished upon request.


What if I want to discontinue my sponsorship?

We understand that many sponsors need to cancel their sponsorship for financial or personal reasons. We ask that you provide as much advance notice as possible, so that we may begin seeking another sponsor for the student.


What materials will I receive from Mayatan?

We send sponsors quarterly updates on their student's progress. Updates are sent by email and typically include photos, grade reports, comments from the students' teachers, and appreciation letters & videos from your student.


Can I select the student who I want to sponsor?

You are free to select a student from our list of students seeking sponsors. If you wish to support a different student at Mayatan, you are free to send contributions to cover their tuition and other expenses, and Mayatan will send updates on that student per your request. However, donations sent to a student whom you selected of your own accord are not tax deductible. Mayatan prefers that prospective sponsors either choose from our list of approved scholarship students or simply select a sponsorship level, as this ensures that sponsorships go to the families most deserving of support.

Can I communicate with or meet the student and their family?

Mayatan allows sponsors to have direct contact with the student and their family. Sponsors may feel free to e-mail or write letters to their student. Students and/or their families may respond of their own accord. Sponsors who visit Copán Ruinas can also meet directly with the student and their family. Any extra monetary or physical gifts that a sponsor wishes to send to the student must be sent directly to the student's family.


How does Mayatan select its scholarship students?

Most families apply to receive a scholarship when their child first matriculates at Mayatan. Mayatan assesses the families economic need and judges the student's potential for success at Mayatan to the best of our abilities. Scholarships are then allocated based on these evaluations.

Some families of current Mayatan students may apply for scholarships if they encounter economic distress. Scholarships for these students are given based on the student's academic performance at Mayatan as well as the magnitude of the families need.

We are typically able to offer scholarships to approximately half of all applicants.

What are the benefits of sponsorship for the student?

Your sponsorship provides financial security for the recipient student and their family. As the student progresses at Mayatan, your sponsorship will help the family deal with the rising costs associated with the higher grade levels. Such a benefit is incredibly valuable to a student, as graduating from High School at Mayatan affords them much greater levels of opportunity in higher education and their ensuing career.

Additionally, when you sponsor a current student, the Mayatan Foundation has additional capacity to offer new scholarships to younger, incoming students.