Over the past 25+ years, hundreds of Honduran and foreign individuals have supported Mayatan in important and exceptional ways, including donors who have supported Mayatan scholarships, and teachers and staff who have dedicated years of their lives to the school. Mayatan Bilingual School would particularly like to recognize the following individuals for their outstanding support:


Jorge Bustamante

William A. Crawford

Lindsay Hill

Frank and Belva Hopkins

Irene Fast

Karla Lamley

Joe and Diana Murray

Lazaro J. Serrano Cid

Conrad Satala

Ismael Videa

John Weber

Herb and Linda Ziemer

Dr. Warren Guntheroth

Van Denburgh family

The Bartletts

Mrs. Adamescu

Mr. & Mrs. Adair

Mr. and Mrs. Blau

Ms. Benavides

Mr. & Mrs Block

Mr. & Mrs. Blumberg

Mr. & Mrs. Bogo

Mr. Bowden

Mr, & Mrs. Clarke

The Collins family

Mr. Conroy

Ms. De Gasperis

Mr. & Mrs. Degonda

Mrs. Desmond

The Ungerer family

Mr.  & Mrs. Dyer

Mr. Easton

Mrs. Flemming

Mr & Mrs. Frenz

Mr. & Mrs. Froese

Mr. & Mrs. Gerlach

Mrs. Gillanders

Mr. & Mrs. Glines

Mr & Mrs. Gousen

Mr. Hall

Mr. & Mrs. Hammond

Mr. Hansen

Mr. & Mrs. Hanson

Mr. & Mrs. Harwood

Mr. & Mrs. Henry

Mr. Hill

Mr. & Mrs. Holly

Mr. & Mrs. Jacquart

Mrs. Jeffers and La BECA

Mr. & Mrs. Johnston

Mrs. Karderli

Mrs. Keller

Mr. & Mrs. Kenkel

Mrs. King-Sloan

Mr. Kollmer

Mr. & Mrs. Kory

Mrs. Krebs

Mr. Kronberg

Mr. & Mrs. Kruetz

Mr. Lewis

The Marschall family

Mr. Marshall

Mr. & Mrs. Martin

Mr. & Mrs. McKearn

Mr. & Mrs. Metcalf

Mr. & Mrs. Muth

Mr. Neuman

Mrs. Nigrosh

Mr. & Mrs. Overby

Mr. Oxley

The Parks family

Mr. & Mrs. Parrot

Mrs. Pratt

Mr. & Mrs. Rashotte

Mrs. Robbins

Mrs. Saxton

Mr. Schnepf

Mrs. Schnetzler & Company

Mr. & Mrs.  Seely

Mr. & Mrs. Severson

Mrs. Mawson & Mr. Wiley

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Sorrells

Mrs. Stell

Mrs. Sugg

Mrs. Trainor

Mrs. Turcotte

Mr. & Mrs. Turner

Mr. & Mrs. Vivkery

Mrs. Voth

Mrs. Wall

Mrs. Wandling

Mr. Weber

Mr. & Mrs. Wenzlaf

Mrs. Winship

Mrs. Wolfe

Mrs. Wood

Mr. & Mrs. Wright

Mrs. Wrightson

Mr. & Mrs. Wyse

Business Supporters

A number of businesses support the work of Mayatan Bilingual School through contributions and by sponsoring scholarships for their employees' children.

We thank each for the valuable contributions they are making to the community. We are proud to count on their help in providing for local students.

Mayatan is always looking for more partnerships with businesses in Copán and beyond. To find out how your business can be listed here, please contact and we will discuss partnership opportunities.