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Welcome to Mayatan School!

It is a privilege to lead such a great institution of bilingual education. Founded in 1991, Mayatan is a school of culture, innovation, vision, and international spirit. 

During our first three decades of growth, the Mayatan family has worked diligently in developing academic curricula and international connections, while instructing students for the betterment of our country.


The dedication and hard work of our faculty, staff, academic leadership, and Board of Directors continue to result in our success. We have encouraged all members of the school community to realize their optimum potential as individuals and be active contributors to the growth of the school community.

Our graduates aspire to be leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators, not only in Honduras but in the world. 

Nowadays we have great challenges, and we have prepared to ensure that our students achieve their full potential. We recognize that to achieve success in life, students need support both at home and in school. As allies, we will continue working together to provide quality of education to fulfill this responsibility.

If you are visiting or live nearby, we welcome you to visit our campus, engage with our students and experts, and experience Mayatan in all ways meaningful!

Nora Arita de Welchez

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