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The best measure of our success is not what our students achieve in the classroom, but what they do outside of it. 

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Mr. Emilio, Ms. Maberly, Ms. Tracy, Ms. Cinthia, Ms. Any & Mr. Jose

Once a JAGUAR, always a JAGUAR!
We are proud to have been part of their education and that today they are part of the Mayatan Staff.

Mr. Emilio is currently our 1st grade Math, Science, and Social Studies teacher. He joined our staff in 2016. Back when he was a student he and his brother Edy were part of the sponsorship program. Today Mr. Emilio has a baby boy that in a couple of years will become a second-generation Mayatan Jaguar. His brother Edy is a teacher at another local school. 

Ms. Maberly joined our staff in 2018. She is a teacher assistant for pre-kinder. Ms. Maberly and her sister Karen were also part of our sponsorship program. She started studying law and took a short break. Karen is currently working at Children International, a non-profit set here in Copan Ruinas. 

Ms. Tracy is currently our High School Science teacher. She joined our staff in 2018 after finishing her bachelor's degree in Industrial Chemistry at Universidad Autonoma in San Pedro Sula. 


Ms. Cinthia was the last Alumni to join our staff in 2022.  She is currently the teacher assistant for pre-kinder. 

Ms. Anysabel joined us in 2019 as our 6th grade Math, Science, and Social Studies teacher. She finished her bachelor's in ELA in 2018. Back when she was in school Ms. Any and her brother Mauricio were part of our sponsorship program.  After doing his master's in Switzerland Mauricio moved to Canada where he lives today.   

Mr. Jose joined us as our 6th grade ELA teacher in 2021. He finished his studies in Social Science at Universidad Nacional Pedagogica. 

 Martinez Lopez Family

Jose Adalid is the eldest son of Eva Lopez, part of our cleaning staff. Jose Adalid graduated from school in 2019. He's currently working at Hotel Marina as a bilingual receptionist, here in Copan Ruinas, and is also studying business administration online. Eva's youngest daughter Dayana is currently in 7th grade. Both of them were and are part of Mayatan's sponsorship program.

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 Guerra Gonzalez Family

The Guerra Gonzales family are the founders and owners of Cafe San Rafael in Copan Ruinas Honduras. They are known for their quality cheese and coffee production. Carlos Rene was part of Mayatan's First class in 1991. He then went on and studied at Universidad Zamorano in Tegucigalpa. His brother Jesus Emilio followed his steps and went to Zamorano. Their youngest sister Giselle is currently studying her master's program in Germany. 

Juan Angel, Danilo, and Javier 

Juan Angel, Danilo, and Javier work at Finca Santa Isabel State in San Jeronimo, Copan where they specialize in coffee production.


Juan Angel is the middle son of our founder, Nora. He studied at Universidad Zamorano and went on to study for his master's degree in Germany. He is now the COO at Finca Santa Isabel State.

Danilo currently works as the Manufacturing Director at Finca Santa Isabel. He's from a rural community outside Copan called La Estanzuela. He was part of Mayatan's sponsorship program where his sponsor continued to help him through college in the USA. He is currently married and has a daughter that will hopefully become a second-generation Mayatan Jaguar.

Javier currently works as the Lead Lab Technician and Bilingual Tour Guide at Finca Santa Isabel State. While he was at Mayatan he was also part of the sponsorship program.


Juan Angel, Danilo & Javier


   Arias Aviles Family

Melissa, Lisandro, and Celeo are the children of one of our founding mothers, Maria Eugenia Aviles.  Melissa moved to Spain where she works as a surgeon. Lisandro went on to study for his bachelor's in the USA and after got his master's in Spain. He currently lives in Tegucigalpa. Celeo went to Universidad Zamorano in Tegucigalpa and then went on to get his master's degree in Spain. He currently lives in Copan where he owns a farm and has a son that is a second-generation Mayatan Jaguar. 


 Sergio and Manuel Cueva

Sergio and Manuel are the children of Marisol, the school's secretary, an important pillar at Mayatan. Manuel moved to Tegucigalpa and went to law school. His brother Sergio also went to Tegucigalpa and studied at Universidad Zamorano. After he decided to get his master's at Penn State and is currently working on his Ph.D.

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