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Sponsor Testimonials


Doña Beverly and Company

During our interest in group travel, my husband and I decided to go on "The Route of the Maya" being offered by Road Scholars. Their programs include visiting local villages and schools and interacting with children. When we were visiting the ruins at Copan in Honduras we were also scheduled to visit the Mayatan Bilingual School.  


At that time it was a small campus including grades up to the 6th. We sat in on classes, saw the books being used, and talked with teachers and children. We learned that they needed books, sewing machines, and sponsors for local indigenous children. And we were very impressed with the simple uniforms used, which made blending children from various economic strata and cultures possible. We saw no shunning, bullying, or interest in anything but playing and learning together. We left with basic information about how to sponsor a child.  


Often experiences such as these are forgotten when travelers return home to busy lives, but this one is stuck in our hearts and thoughts. We began talking with kind-hearted friends and soon had a group of 6-8 interested people. Then I took it to one of my book groups and our plane took off!  Our goal was to ask each pledging unit to give $100 per year. We asked to sponsor one kindergarten-age Mayan girl.  


The foundation wasn't set up to handle groups at the time but we worked it out. I would send a list of names with contact information, the amount is given, and all the checks in one mailing, almost as though we were one person. It worked! 


Though now we have a larger group of donors and it sometimes takes 6 weeks to gather the checks, this system still works. Now 2 book groups and some family members contribute to "our little girl", with the group changing somewhat each year due to the deaths and illness of these friends. We also try to have an extra slush fund for tutoring or a small gift. Our total always includes enough to cover tuition, transportation, uniforms (shorts and tee shirts), meals, books. Flexibility by the school and our donors has made this possible and because tuition costs rise, some donors give more.  


Since we started this project the school has grown into a wonderful campus with simply-built but beautiful buildings. These are not grass huts or one-room schoolhouses and provide science labs, for instance. Two of our members visited while on a tour a few years into it and loved what they saw. Then after I lost my husband several donors and I took a similar tour through Central America 5 years ago. We were able to see the campus, meet our young lady and visit her family at their house. What an experience it was! I wish I could be there more often but feel the money is best spent for her education.  


Our goal is to sponsor our student through high school and thus enable her to teach or be able to successfully support herself. We also hope to make it possible for her to visit us in the U. S. after graduation.  


This small effort can make a huge difference in one life. If many groups band together to sponsor one child each what an impact it could have!

The Martins 

We have been sponsoring students in Latin America for several years, and participating in the scholarship program at the Mayatan School has been uniquely rewarding for us. We naturally want our contributions to yield results, and the high standards of bilingual education at Mayatan mean that our students are very likely to advance to college or university. They will be well-qualified for careers in tourism, commerce, and many other fields. And they could develop into the leaders who help shape the future of Copán Ruinas and Honduras. 

On a more personal level, we receive regular student letters, photos and grade reports. Our students’ command of English made it possible to establish a real connection with them, through letters and in person. When we visit Copán, we greatly enjoy the time we spend with our students, their teachers and their families. 

Nobody knows what the future will bring, but we are confident that our students will emerge from Mayatan well equipped to build a strong future for themselves and their families. We wholeheartedly recommend the scholarship program at Mayatan, and applaud the school for all that it has accomplished. 

The Kenkles

I was grateful for the opportunity to be able to visit the Mayatan School as a part of a Road Scholar tour. To be able to hear the history of the school from the woman who founded it and to be able to experience it as it is now, first hand, were very impactful on my heart and soul. Returning to the USA, I shared my experiences with my husband and so began our relationship with this wonderful school. As financial supporters, we are sharing our blessings with the kids who are our future. We receive regular correspondence from the students and updates from the school and know our support is being used wisely by the very caring and able staff.

The Bartlettes

We became aware of the Mayatan Bilingual School when my husband and I were on a trip to the Copan Ruins.  It was a joy for us to visit this wonderful school while we were in Honduras.  We met the dedicated staff and many of the enthusiastic and bright students during our visit.  It was clear to us that the students were eager to learn.  We made the decision that day to sponsor a student.  

Our experience has been outstanding.  We really enjoy the letters, emails, and progress reports from the school and from our adorable students.  We appreciate the opportunity to help the school.  The future of Honduras is brighter with these exceptional students..

The Blocks

We have been very pleased to be supportive of the work done at Mayatan and particularly, over these past years, the growth and development of our sponsored student. It has been most rewarding for us to see how Mayatan and our student has grown year by year. We have much confidence in Mayatan's work and it give us much pleasure to support your just cause. Regular correspondence has been helpful in allowing us to maintain a relationship with the school and our student.
Our experience has been outstanding.  We really enjoy the letters, emails, and progress reports from the school and from our adorable students.  We appreciate the opportunity to help the school.  The future of Honduras is brighter with these exceptional students..

Doña Loren

I came in contact with Mayatan Bilingual School through Road Scholar.  The students are so ready and willing to learn except they have so little in the way of school supplies.  It has been a pleasure to sponsor a student and give him the opportunity of a bilingual education.

The Bogos

We believe that endeavors such as yours are needed and required, especially since what we have achieved in life has been in good part due to someone(s) helping us when we needed it and we were much younger.  Thanks!

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