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The Scholarship and Sponsorship Programs


As a locally-women-founded nonprofit, we are different from other Bilingual schools and NGOs in Central America. With a permanent Honduran staff and qualified international English-speaking teachers, we provide education to 400 students from pre-K to 12th grade. 


With the help of local and international supporters like you, we have been transforming bilingual education in Copan Ruinas for over 30 years and providing children from all social backgrounds the quality education they deserve.


Nearly half of our students require financial aid so we must support our effort through donations and by charging tuition to students who can afford it.


We depend on the generosity of our supporters to help extend the life-changing gift of education to those who needed most. 

The Scholarship Program

For children of low and middle-income families in Honduras, the third poorest country in the Western hemisphere, quality education is simply out of reach.  Parents cannot afford to send their children to private schools which offer little or no financial aid. Honduras public system is underfunded and understaffed and the less expensive bilingual schools often do not have English-speaking teachers on staff.


Mayatan Bilingual School offers a unique solution for those families. High-quality education at an affordable price. Each year the Mayatan Foundation grants financial aid to over 200 students at Mayatan Bilingual School. Half through the Scholarship Program and half through the Sponsorship Program. Scholarships range from half-tuition to full-tuition. This allows Honduran children from all socioeconomic backgrounds to receive high-quality bilingual education.


Families apply for the scholarship program and after analyzing each case individually (the family’s social-economical background, the students will to learn, and grades) scholarships are granted to students worthy of them. Students must have 80% or higher grades to continue with their scholarships.


Funds for the Scholarship Program come from tuition paid by students who can afford it and some extra help comes from the General Fund from the Mayatan Foundation. General Fund receives its capital from sponsors who donate to no specific student, but to the Mayatan Foundation.

Over 85% of Mayatan high school graduates have continued onto higher education in Central and North America. Fluency in the English language affords graduates better job prospects in Copan Ruinas where tourism is the central industry. 

The Sponsorship Program

What is a Sponsor? 

Approximately half of the financial aid that students receive at Mayatan is funded via sponsors, individuals, or organizations who cover partial or full funding of a student's academic year or years. Typically sponsors will support a student over multiple years, though sponsors are not set to sign on for a certain number of years in advance.


Our sponsors have a unique opportunity to experience and establish a relationship with a Mayatan student. Our sponsors received updates from the student throughout the year including photos videos and grades.


Donations are tax-deductible in the United States and can be made online or via mail check. 

Why sponsor a student?


When you support a Mayatan student our financial aid program and our students benefit two main ways:

1. The sponsored student will have their scholarship secured via your support and continue their education until high school where they will receive both American and Honduran high school diplomas.

2. Your funding will increase Mayatan Foundation’s capacity to offer new scholarships to other deserving students.

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