Other Ways to Help

While Mayatan's most pressing need is for scholarship sponsors, there are a number of other ways that you can support our efforts to deliver quality education to the children of Copán Ruinas:


English Language Books

We greatly appreciate donations of new and gently used books (English and Spanish language). While we accept all books that are appropriate for children and young adults, our Wishlist highlights specifics titles that our librarian is currently seeking. All donations can be mailed to a courier service in Miami, meaning that you are responsible only for the cost of shipping the books within the United States. Please contact info@mayatanfoundation.org if you'd like to make a donation. Books may be shipped to the address below (our courier service will take them the rest of the way):


Music Instruments & Supplies

Most the of the instruments in Mayatan's music classroom have been donated by generous friends. We can definitely use more music supplies and instruments, and as our enrollment grows and as older equipment gives out, our need grows.

We happily accept donations of used or new musical instruments and supplies. Donors may also send cash donations earmarked for our music program so that we can purchase equipment in Honduras.

If you would like to contribute to the cost of an item, you can visit our donation page and follow instructions there to earmark your contribution. Cash donations are eligible for tax deductions when made through Hope for Tomorrow, Inc. If you want to send instruments, please contact development@mayatanfoundation.org.

Our Current Needs are:

  • Recorders - 20 needed / $5 a piece

  • Guitars - 10 needed / $100 - $150 a piece

  • Keyboards - 5 Yamaha or Casio needed / $150 a piece

  • Trumpets - 3 needed / $50 a piece

  • Flutes - 5 needed / $90 a piece

  • Small violins (3/4 size) - 4 needed / $65 a piece

  • Music books and sheet music


Tech Equipment

Mayatan relies upon your donations to keep its technology up to date so that our students are prepared to join the 21st-century workforce.

Please note that, while we accept donations of used equipment, we prefer cash donations earmarked for technology. This is because the costs of shipping technology from the United States are very high, often as much as $8 a pound. Moreover, many shipments to Honduras get delayed or lost at customs.

Below, find a list of technology items that we currently need, along with an estimated cost. If you would like to contribute to the cost of an item, you can visit our donation page and follow instructions there to earmark your contribution.

  • Full-sized notebook computers / 7 needed - $650 each

  • Netbook computers / 7 needed - $350 each

  • E-readers / 25 needed - $100-$200 each

  • Elmo visual presenter -  $1500 (for a used item in good condition)

  • Projector - $300

  • Roll-up screens for projections - $150 each


Athletic Equipment

Mayatan's athletics program has blossomed since 2011, when the school was accepted into the Association of Bilingual Schools of Honduras (ABSH) and the corresponding athletic conference. Mayatan has sent boys' and girls' teams to the ABSH national soccer tournaments and track and field meets; each year, more students have participated and Mayatan has earned improved results. Next year, Mayatan has the ambition of sending teams to compete in the ABSH volleyball and basketball tournaments. Students also participate in local tournaments in the Copán region.

Our athletics program is currently supported by the school's budget and by the parents of athletes. Purchasing new equipment and covering the costs associated with attending sports events (transportation, lodging, etc.) has proved burdensome for both the school and students' families. You can help our program expand by donating equipment for the following sports:

  • Soccer

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Track and Field

Please email us at development@mayatanfoundation.org if you'd like to donate. We also appreciate cash donations toward our athletics program, which we can use to cover traveling expenses for our athletes.


Support for Construction Projects

We're currently finishing a new two-story building for our secondary and high school. Join our campaign and donate towards the project!