Mayatan Foundation and Bilingual School Established 1991

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View other students seeking sponsors and learn how to help offer a life-changing bilingual education to a Honduran who wants to learn.
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Mayatan is unique in Honduras because we are:

Mayatan is unique
  • non-profit, private, and independent
  • volunteer-staffed
  • founded by a group of local mothers
  • offer scholarships to 45% of our 300 students
  • rural and affordable
  • celebrating 20 years

However, we need your help to keep providing these important services. Read more about The Mayatan Difference.


Happy 25th birthday Mayatan! (0)

Happy 25th birthday Mayatan!
As we look back on the past 25 years, we would like to thank god, our students, teachers, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, sponsors, supporters, and the rest of the Mayatan family for being a part of our dream!
We look forward to what the next 25 years will bring!

In celebration of Mayatan’s 25th anniversary! (Comments Off)

This year we will be celebrating our history as a school over the past quarter century. This is a very special moment for us and we would like to personally thank all of you for being a very important part of our family and history.

Kicking off our 25th anniversary school year! (Comments Off)

Our senior class kick started the 2015-16 school year into action with an unforgettable entrance!.

Another unforgettable year at Mayatan! (Comments Off)

We recently wrapped up the 2014-15 school year with an emotional and heartfelt goodbye to our 2015 graduating senior class.

Who are we?

Mayatan is a K-12 private, bilingual school located in Copan Ruinas, Honduras, staffed jointly by Honduran and American teachers. Mayatan high school graduates receive both American and Honduran high school diplomas. Our students come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, and nearly half receive financial aid of some sort. Learn more about our history, our sponsorship program, and how you can get involved here in Copan.

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