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Learn more about 6th grader Emely!

Emely’s parents have been working for as long as they can remember, unfortunately they did not have the opportunity to study while they were growing up.  The family lives in a small farming town outside of Copan. Emely’s father works in the field while her mother is a stay-at-home mom. It is for this reason they value education in their children’s lives more than anything.  They struggle to make ends meet but do everything they can to ensure that all three of their kids attend Mayatan. “Education is your gift from us!” They jokingly reply when one of the kids asks for a special toy.  Emely is the oldest of three, her younger brother Edy is in 5th grade and her younger sister Eunice is in Kindergarten.  She is a dedicated and hardworking student who hope to become a teacher when she grows up.  It is her dream to help others learn English as she has been helped over the years.

Mayatan Matters!

​Mayatan is unique in Honduras because we are:

  • non-profit, private, and independent

  • volunteer-staffed

  • founded by a group of local mothers

  • 50% of our students are scholarship recipients

  • rural and affordable

  • celebrating over 25 years

However, we need your help to keep providing these important services.


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The Mayatan Difference!

​Mayatan is a K-12 private, bilingual school located in Copan Ruinas, Honduras, staffed jointly by Honduran and American teachers. Mayatan high school graduates receive both American and Honduran high school diplomas.


Our students come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, and nearly half receive financial aid of some sort.


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